Sailing Into Bliss

Our team is always excited to film unique weddings, so imagine our excitement when Ami and Jamie told us their wedding would take place on a boat!

This was the first time Red Empire Media had the pleasure of capturing such a unique wedding location. The ceremony took place at the
Crystal Swan boat, while it was docked in Elizabeth Quay, from there the couple moved to Supreme Court Gardens for the photo shoot. Once the time for the reception came Crystal Swan took off cruising down the Swan river till the conclusion.

Ami’s and Jamie’s Photoshoot took place at the Supreme Court Gardens. The glamourous dress of the bride perfectly contrasted against the groom’s black suit and with the golden sun in the background, there could not be a more ideal place to capture their most memorable day. Let us not forget about the bride’s maids and groom’s men, who’s outfits could only add more harmony to the overall aesthetics of the colours. 

The lavish ceremony and reception were painted in colours of red, black and white, blending all three colours elegantly. This perfectly represented how well matched the newlywed couple was and how joyful family and friends were for their happiness. The party continued as Crystal Swan traveled down Swan river and docked back at Elizabeth Quay. We wish all the best to Jamie and Ami!