How to make the most out of your wedding video

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I find myself giving clients tips on how to make the most of their weddings videos a lot, so I thought I would put it in writing! Some people do find the idea of having a Videographer hanging around with them a bit awkward, which is fair enough I guess, not everyone is used to being a celebrity for a day!
What I have found from clients is that they usually forget about the Videographer after about 10 minutes. Trying to get candid moments and becoming part of the background is half our job!

Here are some tips for each part of the day:

Bride and Groom Preparation
• Pull out any special notes or presents that mean something special to you. In years to come you will love having them on the video!
• Be yourself. We would have filmed hundreds of different people over the years so don’t think you have to act like a movie star in front of us. The embarrassing bits will be cut out anyway; that’s what the editor is for!
• Tell the bridal party to show off a bit. The most hilarious bits of a wedding can be when a friend comes up to the camera and does something silly!

• Check with the Priest or Celebrant to make sure they are not standing in between you and the Videographer and Photographer during the crucial moments of the Ceremony: Exchanging rings and first kiss. This rarely happens but if it does you really need a second camera present!
• Girls please walk slowly and give everyone a big smile when walking down the isle! There is no such thing as walking too slow. It gives us a chance to get the best possible shot not to mention all the other guests a chance to look at your beautiful dress!

• Make sure you have made a plan with your photographer about where you will be having photos but also don’t be afraid to cancel the last location if you are running short of time.
• Giggle, smile, laugh, kiss and be yourself! The best looking videos are the couples that look relaxed and are having a great time. Remember, this is your day!

• If possible, tell the DJ to keep everyone seated as you walk in the venue. Once somebody stands up in front of the camera the shot never looks the same!
• Try not to make the room too dark. There is only so much a camera can do in low light situations.

So in a nut shell, smile, laugh, kiss and try not to stress (Easier said than done I know) Something may go wrong but that’s just another story you can tell. And if it is really bad we can just edit it out like it never happened!

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