Over the years we have answered many questions about Wedding Videos, below you can view the most common. If your answer is not here then drop us a line and we will promptly get back to you with information to help you with your big day! Red Empire prides itself on great service and excellent quality. We want you to be comfortable knowing that your videographer can take care of themselves, so you can sit back and enjoy the wedding unfold.

Can I pay with Credit Card or EFT?

Yes, we accept cash, EFT and all major credit cards for your convenience

Will the cameras get in the way during the Ceremony?

Whilst filming a Wedding we always try to adopt a ‘fly on the wall’ approach and sometimes you won’t even know we are there! We also work well with photographers and allow them to direct their favorite shots during the photoshoot.

When do I get to see my video?

After we filmed your wedding and received your song choices it takes between 8 and 10 weeks to get the first look at your wedding draft. We also shut down over Christmas for 2 weeks which may cause additional delays.

Do I get make changes to my video?

Yes, we will accept minor changes. We consider minor changes to be less than 2 hours of editing time. Occasionally, any obvious editing mistakes or omissions we will also fix where possible.

What will the duration of my video be?

We edit our videos in an artful way to capture the most important moments. Please keep in mind the length of a full wedding video is between 1 and 2 hours (this includes ceremony and reception).
Wedding videos that exceed 2 hours incur extra editing fees.

Can I customise packages?

Yes! Customised wedding video packages are our specialty. We can adjust coverage times to suit your day and you can add a second Camera Operator at any time.

Do you charge extra for travel?

There are no travel costs inside of the Perth metro area (within 50kms of Perth). We will calculate at $1 per Km to travel outside of Perth and accordingly on a two-way trip.

About the Cameras and Equipment

We use the most up to date Video Cameras, which are regularly serviced for your peace of mind. All our cameras shoot in 4K, high definition and can also shoot in slow motion. We use Sony lapel radio microphones to achieve excellent sound on your video.

On most weddings, we set up microphones on the Priest or Celebrant and the groom. If there is a lectern we also set up additional sound recorders to capture cleaner audio where possible.

Our tripods are of the highest quality to get super smooth shots. On larger wedding shoots (2 cameras +) we also have a tracking system that can be used where time permits.

How do I get the most out of my Bride and Groom Preparations

Get all your rooms nice and clean for the big day. This makes life much easier for the cameraman and photographer and allows us to get many more angles and set shots. Have some nice glasses and a nice bottle of champagne or whisky to toast to.
For the lads, a few antics, games, sports and a couple of drinks always looks the part. Have your clothes neatly laid out and make sure you have mastered the Double Windsor Tie.
Set-up an area to show off your Jewellery, we recommend a room that can be lit up well or has good natural light.
Have some nice family photos set-up in a clean room. It is a great way to start the preparations off.

How do I get the most out of my Ceremony

Go and meet your celebrant or priest. Ask to hear their speakers or P.A in action. There is nothing worse than discovering that the equipment is unsatisfactory on the day. Find out who will be talking and where they will be talking. For video, we set-up audio recorders where we expect people to talk. However, in some cases people will make up their own mind on where to speak. A Microphone and lectern is a great idea if you want great audio during your service.

What if we want copies in years to come

Red empire uses the most up to date backup systems and guarantee your jobs safety up to a year after filming. To date, we have kept all our weddings (over 270!) ever shot and can restore them for a setup and access fee. However, we strongly recommend getting plenty of copies and a hard drive at completion to ensure your wedding can be relived in 50 years or more.

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