A Dream Wedding in Brigadoon

Chase and Stephanie celebrated their wedding day in Brigadoon, which lays among the breathtaking Avon River, where the couple had their photoshoot. 

Their ceremony and reception was conveniently held outdoors in The Lawton Household, where their family and friends cheered for the newlywed. 

An old saying states ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, Chase and Stephanie’s photoshoot demonstrate this to be priceless. The decision to take the photos during sunset only enhanced the captivating view of the couple with the river reflections in the background. With the sun rays painting the surroundings golden, Chase and Stephanie made the shots grand, leaving the impression of perfection in their relationship. 

The reception was memorable, with speeches that were as meaningful and moving, as they were humourous. From the touching speech from the parents that moved everyone to tears, to the comical stories of first kisses and clever wordplays, made the night joyful. After that everyone was ready to spend the rest of the remaining night dancing. 


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